Environmental protection is a growing social concern that impacts us all, which is why it makes it so important for organizations to take an active role and embrace environmental responsibility. Whether it is through innovative products like Ultra long roll towels with 100% recycled fibre that reduce packaging waste and improve shipping efficiency or utilizing new, clean energy sources, environmental sustainability plays key role in all aspects of manufacturing at Kruger.

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Kruger Products has built its reputation on quality. This reputation has not been compromised with the incorporation of environmental protection into the manufacturing of our Away from Home quality paper products. Historically, choosing environmentally friendly products meant sacrificing product quality, which affected performance and resulted in increased paper consumption. GreenQuality is a statement of our intent and assurance no compromise on quality is required to maintain the highest sustainability standards.

With Green Quality products you do not need to compromise on quality to make the best environmental choice.

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Key Products
01961 White Swan® Ultra Long Roll Towel
Good absorbency and hand drying efficiency in a roll towel.
05662 Esteem® Jumbo Bathroom Tissue, 2-Ply
Environmentally friendly and an economical choice.
03500 HandsFresh® Luxuary Foam Soap
Large capacity and is Green Seal® Certified.

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