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Paper Towels
When asked their preference in public places, 74% of respondents indicated they prefer paper towels over air dryers.
Paper towels are preferred at work, when dining out and when in public spaces. Click below to learn more about Kruger Products in these segments.
The top three reasons why Canadians dislike air dryers are:
As an alternative to air dryers, Kruger Products has a complete line of touchless electronic and mechanical paper towel dispensers. To learn more about our full dispenser lineup click below.
When only air dryers are available...
of people only partially dry their hands or seek alternative hand drying methods
(like using bathroom tissue or their clothing).

of people believe
lineups are longer
for air dryers
than paper towels.

of people believe you
can dry hands faster
with paper towels.
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* Based on results of Kruger Products’ 2016 on-line survey of 1,009 English speaking Canadians age 18+.