The products and service an establishment provides are a reflection of it’s brand, which is why it is so important to make the right purchasing decisions.

food service icon Appearance and attention to detail is everything in the Foodservice industry, and seldom do you get a second chance to correct a bad impression. By choosing Kruger Products establishments will be giving the customers the cleanliness they expect to see – and the quality they appreciate – first time, every time. Restaurant patrons demand a clean, hygienic and germ-free environment, particularly when it comes to restaurant kitchens and washrooms, potential areas of cross contamination and food-borne illness. Kruger Products offers you a full line of premium quality products that will help support good hand hygiene in both restaurant washrooms and kitchens and support an establishment’s brand image.

Kruger Products Supports purchases in the Foodservice industry:

  1. Create a positive experience.

    Using Embassy Supreme ®, Embassy ®, White Swan® and Food Works ® products demonstrates to customers a commitment to quality extends from the kitchen into all areas of an establishment.

  2. Hygiene Importance.

    Germs are everywhere… DEAL WITH IT. Our recommended bundle of napkins, towels, tissues, wipers, hand care and related dispensers will prove to guests that an establishment is concerned about their well being.

  3. Cost-in-Use Benefits.

    High quality means less waste, less maintenance, and less product is needed (for example, one napkin instead of three of a lesser quality). An establishment’s cost per use goes down as their clientele’s perception of a clean and hygienic environment goes up.

  4. Sustainability Matters.

    Kruger Products will strike a chord with environmentally-conscious customers – many products are FSC® and/or EcologoM certified and are made with 100% recycled fibre containing over 88% post consumer material.


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