Health Care

Health Care

Infection control has never been more important in today’s healthcare industry. There are great expectations on healthcare standards when it comes to the clinical environment.

Healthcare iconIt is important to maintain clean hygienic and germ-free facilities, while operating within tight budgets. Kruger Products offers a line of products that can handle any application in any location, from patient rooms and restrooms to nursing stations and food service areas. With hospitals being continuously asked to operate within tight budgets, Kruger Products lets you do more – and save more – for less. Their superior qualities, such as strength and absorbency, means less product is needed for the job, and the intelligent design of the dispensing systems also means they are simple and quick to maintain, which saves labour costs.

As a purchaser for the Health Care industry, there are some things you should know:

  1. Hygiene concerns are paramount.

    Germs are everywhere… DEAL WITH IT. Kruger Products’ towels, tissues, wipers, hand care and touchless dispensers will prove to patients that their well being is of utmost importance.

  2. Cost-in-Use benefits.

    Kruger Product’s premium dispensing solutions offer cost effectiveness through controlled dispensing, ultra long toll towels, less overall product consumed, and the related labour savings because less servicing required.

  3. Sustainability matters.

    Throughout the manufacturing process, products offered by Kruger Products are designed to meet strict environmental guidelines and government regulations. This puts Kruger Products in the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices.

  4. Ease of Use.

    Kruger Product’s line of product and dispensing systems have been specifically designed with touchless technology to reduce the spread of infection and cross contamination of germs.

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