We understand that employees need a safe, happy and productive workplace, balanced with the need to control costs.

Manufacturing IconKruger Products line of dispensing solutions are specifically engineered to be effective in manufacturing facilities, and can meet the needs of a manufacturers’ operation – products that are low maintenance reliable, and that comply with government standards and other industrial regulations. Helping to prevent the spread of illness helps to mitigate absenteeism and loss of productivity.

Kruger Products can speak to each of the needs of Manufacturing:

  1. Cost-in-Use benefits.

    Kruger Product’s premium dispensing solutions offer cost effectiveness through controlled dispensing, ultra long toll towels, less overall product consumed, and the related labour savings because less servicing required.

  2. Ease of use is key.

    Managers need to be aware of hidden costs associated with using with the wrong or inferior product for the application, namely that more inferior product may be required to clean up a job versus less when using a premium quality product from Kruger Products.

  3. Hygiene concerns important.

    Kruger Product’s line of premium towels, tissues, hand care, and touchless dispensers make it easy to reduce the spread of infections and illness at the workplace while tackling the toughest clean-ups.

  4. Environmental certifications.

    Throughout the manufacturing process, products are designed to meet strict environmental guidelines and government regulations. This puts Kruger Products in the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices and some of Kruger Product’s offering can help companies contribute to various green building initiatives, like LEED-EB.

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