Public Facilities

Public Facilities

High volume public facilities such as airports, government buildings, stadiums, convention centers, and shopping malls have unique traffic issues that result in the need for washroom dispensing solutions that offer high capacity and are cost-effective.

Public Facilities IconBy choosing product and dispenser solutions by Kruger Products, facilities can provice the cleanliness visitors expect with quality products they choose for their own homes. It is important to also ensure that bathroom tissue, towel, and skin care products chosen for high volume restrooms support a hygienic environment and comply with government safety regulations and environmental standards.

Kruger Products has Product Solutions for High Volume Facilities:

  1. Cost-in-Use benefits.

    High traffic areas and carefully controlled maintenance budgets usually go hand in hand. In the management of a public facility cost control is high on the priority list. Kruger Products offers bathroom tissue, hand towel, and skin care solutions that are specifically designed to address budget needs via controlled touchless dispensing solutions which reduce waste, vandalism, and pilferage resulting in lower cost per use.

  2. Ease or use is key.

    Kruger Products’ line of dispensing solutions are specifically designed to improve worker productivity by offering innovations like longer roll towels and bathroom tissues which reduce the frequency of roll replacements, freeing up maintenance staff to take care of other duties.

  3. Hygienic environments.

    Kruger Products offers a wide variety of hygienic dispensing solutions from touchless dispenser products like a toilet seat cleaner, which is sanitary, discreet and simple to use. With just a spray and a wipe, users can remove bacteria and dirt away from the washroom seat, without the hassle of having to lay out a paper personal seat cover.

  4. Environmental considerations.

    Throughout the manufacturing process, Kruger Products towel and tissue collection is designed to meet strict environmental guidelines and government regulations, putting Kruger Products in the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices.

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